Why Freedom Solutions


Pests are problematic. Don’t allow your treatment to be.


Our products have their own specialized features that are tailored towards those specific insects. Our unique receptor binding formula targets insect receptors, disables them, and ultimately prevents them from bothering you.


Why Go All Natural?



Pests have developed a resistance towards synthetic chemicals like pyrethrum and pyrethoid. These common insecticides have grown less effective overtime. Our receptor binding formula is based in essential oils so these pesky critters cannot grow resistant no matter how often it’s used.


Chemical additives are considered carcinogenic and are dangerous. If ingested or used incorrectly, these additives can cause harmful immediate and long term effects to the user. Natural products use essential oils as their main ingredients; they are non-toxic, biodegradable, and safe to use for all ages.


Consumers continue to spend money on expensive synthetic products trying to alleviate their problem. Natural based products have proven to be more effective, so consumers will save both money and time.

Freedom Solutions is a brand for the conscious consumer. Our Mission is to provide natural, holistic products while making a positive impact on the environment. For every purchase made, one tree will be planted in your honor.