Lyme disease-carrying ticks spreading rapidly across the United States


Over the past 2o years, Lyme disease cases have surged threefold across the Northern Hemisphere.

The blacklegged tick and the western blacklegged tick are the two species of ticks responsible for spreading this flulike illness across the United States. Around 300,000 Americans are affected by Lyme disease each year, especially those living in the tick-dense northeast which has seen more than a 320% increase in Lyme disease-carrying culprits. Lyme disease can be effectively treated with antibiotics if diagnosed early, but if left untreated can cause serious long term symptoms such as joint stiffness, brain inflammation, and nerve pain. (You can find more information by reading this ScienceMag article.)

For one of our employees, Lyme disease hits pretty close to home. “My cousin currently suffers from Lyme disease which was misdiagnosed for 7+ years,” said Lauren MacWhirter, “and it’s been a constant struggle for her ever since. She suffers from seizures because her brain is so badly inflamed. There are times where she excuses herself from the room because she knows she will have an episode and she doesn’t want to put others through that experience. Some days she can’t even get out of bed because she’s in so much pain. She can no longer do her favorite leisurely activities such as hiking and rock climbing, which ironically is how she was bitten by a tick to begin with. Traveling is out of the question or pretty much any activity that will increase her stress levels, which to me is life in general. Despite this burden she carries, she hasn’t given up hope. She’s still trying to find the right methods to curb her symptoms so she can enjoy life to the best of her ability. She’s resorted to homeopathic remedies, and that alone helped spark my interest in the holistic lifestyle approach. If I can’t personally take away her pain, I at least want to do something to spread awareness. This is why I’m passionate about the Be Free line; I want to prevent others from living a debilitating life.”

Lauren also shared a word of advice about what we can do to protect ourselves. “Many people think this won’t happen to them but it certainly can. Don’t ignore the warnings, they’re out there for a reason; I’ve seen it firsthand. There may not be a cure for the long term disease yet, but the general public can take action on their own and protect themselves until that day comes.”


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