Mutant Lice: How Do We Treat Them?

“There are hints we could be losing some of our easiest and cheapest defenses against these insect interlopers.”

CNN recently published an article (read here) about the mutant lice strain running rampant throughout the United States, indicating that our current lice treatments may not be enough to eliminate these pesky critters. A study on head lice conducted in 2014 in the United States and Canada retrieved samples from 84 different people. Out of these samples, 99.6% of the lice had mutations that could allow them to withstand permethrin and pyrethrin insecticides, the two most common ingredients in over-the-counter lice treatments. A newer study shows that these resistance genes could be widespread across the entire country.

This leaves parents and other adults with an interesting yet concerning question: how can we effectively eliminate lice?

There are two components behind treating head lice:

  • Ingredients
  • The elimination process

We’ve combined these two important factors and are bringing you the solution to your problems.

be_free_itch1The Be Free Way

Over a decade of research and development has been put into Be Free Itch’s specially formulated and unique mechanical process for eliminating lice. Unlike most treatments that use chemicals to “poison” lice, Be Free Itch uses a specific blend of essential oils that bind to and shut down lice receptors, attacking both the internal and external functionality of lice in such a way that isn’t harmful to the consumer. A single application of our formula is enough to free you from your lice infestation on your first try. Continue using Be Free Itch to alleviate the uncomfortable side effects brought on by lice, such as itchiness and dry scalp.

Solutions and safety are our top priorities at Freedom Solutions for Life, and we’ve made it our goal to deliver an effective, non-toxic, and eco-friendly product that is nothing less than the best.

You can purchase Be Free Itch on our online store or shop at Amazon. You may also request free samples of any of our Be Free products for your enjoyment.


Live Naturally everyone!